Pace clocks now at all training venues

In order to facilitate progression, the Club Committee 2016/17 committed itself to equipping swimmers with the equipment they need to make rapid progress. As part of this, it was recognised that  pace clocks were necessary at all training sessions to allow swimmers the structure to sessions that they need to progress -and- free up coaches to coach.

With support from the regional governing body, the club placed a new order for two new pace clocks. This represented replacement of ageing and totally failed pace clock at Kingsbury Pool (B78 2LF) and the installation of a pace clock at Chelmsley Wood, which did not have a pace clock at all.

This is a step forward for the club as we now have pace clocks available at all training venues!

Swimmers will now be guided by their coaches to develop enhanced lane discipline using the clocks.

Top tip!

  1. The first swimmer should usually set the self off on the 60 (the top) or the 30 (the bottom). Swimmers should then monitor the clock and set themselves off 5 seconds apart without input from the coach.
  2. Start to use the clock to measure your times during training. How are you swimming?


Kingsbury Aquarius Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club based at North Solihull Sports Centre in Chelmsley Wood (B37 5LA); Kingsbury School Pool (B78 2LF) and Castle Vale Pool (B35 7EH).

We enter teams in the National Junior Swimming League; the National Arena Swimming League as well as many friendly galas and open meets.

We hold the nationally recognised Swim21 and Clubmark Quality marks recognising that we provide a quality and safe service for all of our participants.

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