Welfare - What to do if you have an issue?

Kingsbury Aquarius is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our members, so that when they participate in club activities, they do so in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. The club has SwimMark accreditation which is Swim England’s quality standard for clubs.  It recognises high standards of governance, sustainability and effectiveness.  This is the Swim England’s ‘quality mark’. It recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and quality services for the benefit of their members. 

The Welfare Officer is essential in providing a first point of contact for children, parents and adults within the club who have a child safeguarding or welfare concern. In partnership with the club committee, the Welfare Officer ensures that the club is adopting and implementing child safeguarding policy and procedures which are necessary for it to demonstrate its duty of care to children.  

Kingsbury Aquarius Welfare officer is Natalie Millan, contactable via email at [email protected]

Kingsbury Aquarius fully endorses and operates in accordance with Swim England's Child Protection Policy (Wavepower 2020-2023: Child safeguarding policy and procedures for clubs). Kingsbury Aquarius SC adheres to the Swim England Photography and Photographing Swimmers Policy, which can be found in their Wavepower document.  Links to the Wavepower documentation can be found below. 

There are other organisations who can also assist if you need help:

Childline:  www.childline.org.uk 

The Child Protection in Sport Unit: www.thecpsu.org.uk    

NSPCC Child Protection Helpline: www.nspcc.org.uk

Swimline - Swim England/NSPCC Child Protection Helpline - 0808 100 4001

Wavepower 2020-23: Child safeguarding policy and procedures

The aim of Wavepower is to safeguard all children in line with current legislation, regulations and guidance and is for use within any Swim England affiliated organisation where children are present. 

Wavepower consistently emphasises that the responsibility for child safeguarding in our sport belongs with all those involved in our sports and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at local, county or national level.

This document will be updated in 2023, but when updates or changes take place either in Swim England or through statute or governmental guidance these will be published on the website.   

You can read the fully Wavepower document online using the link below.


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